The Donald vs. Sarah Palin

In In the News on February 10, 2011 at 1:00 pm

Donald Trump may run for US President.  He says that the rest of the world laughs at America and Americans.  I think he is right.  And maybe as a successful business man he would get us out of our troubles.  Tax Chinese goods at 25%!  I guess I’d have to stop buying…well, just about everything.  Yeah, better tax that stuff.  I don’t really need to be buying a 50 cent plastic mixing spoon when I could get a domestic wood one for $10.  But then I’d need some mineral oil for my new spoon.  Will that make me more reliant on OPEC?  Mineral oil is a petroleum by-product.  But wait, plastic is made from petroleum too.  I really like plastic.  I can’t look in any direction right now and not see plastic.  I mean I would say I don’t like it but my buying decisions say I do.  I suppose if we started drilling for oil in Alaska, we could produce our own plastic.  And Sarah Palin doesn’t have a comb over.

donald trump

Can you believe there are step by step instructions for achieving a comb over?  I found this on The Daily Mail website here.

Would Donald Trump’s combover help or hinder him in a campaign for president?


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