Driver’s Ed – Look Who’s Driving

In Family Life on February 22, 2011 at 6:10 pm

My 14.5 year old boy was out on the highway for the first time with his driving instructor. When he has an exam at school, I pray that he would be reminded of all the stuff he studied. He would rather I pray that God give him all the answers…even the ones he never studied. Well, he was amused to find I prayed God would supernaturally drive for him on the highway.Taking no chances with that one! I think he knows his mommy loves him now.

Things I have learned since he started driving lessons:

  • When stopping at a light, back tires of car in front must be visable
  • Must put seatbelt on before zooming out driveway
  • No zooming out of the driveway
  • Must look in all mirrors every 7 seconds
  • Must not use mirrors to put makeup on while driving
  • 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock, or else
  • No texting at the red light

He is paying attention. He’ll be making us all better drivers now. One thing he wonders is why insurance will be higher for him than for girls. He knows he is very safe. He also thinks he could outrun an officer of the law should the need present itself. Don’t tell the insurance company that.

Have you learned anything about driving from your teenager?


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