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Wide Eyed Wonder from Teenage Boy

In Family Life, In the News on February 11, 2011 at 11:59 pm

A teenage son and his mom sat glued to NPR and then later CNN on TV.  He was home sick but well enough to understand the importance of the revolution in Egypt today.  At one point he asked me, “Will this be in our history books?”  Apparently his history book stops at the moon landing or something.  Now he is aware that history is unfolding before his eyes and that not everything is in that history book of his.

The world just opened up to him (even beyond YouTube).  Cool to watch this particular teenager on this particular day.

Are teenagers today interested in current events and history?


The Donald vs. Sarah Palin

In In the News on February 10, 2011 at 1:00 pm

Donald Trump may run for US President.  He says that the rest of the world laughs at America and Americans.  I think he is right.  And maybe as a successful business man he would get us out of our troubles.  Tax Chinese goods at 25%!  I guess I’d have to stop buying…well, just about everything.  Yeah, better tax that stuff.  I don’t really need to be buying a 50 cent plastic mixing spoon when I could get a domestic wood one for $10.  But then I’d need some mineral oil for my new spoon.  Will that make me more reliant on OPEC?  Mineral oil is a petroleum by-product.  But wait, plastic is made from petroleum too.  I really like plastic.  I can’t look in any direction right now and not see plastic.  I mean I would say I don’t like it but my buying decisions say I do.  I suppose if we started drilling for oil in Alaska, we could produce our own plastic.  And Sarah Palin doesn’t have a comb over.

donald trump

Can you believe there are step by step instructions for achieving a comb over?  I found this on The Daily Mail website here.

Would Donald Trump’s combover help or hinder him in a campaign for president?